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3.0" Mild Steel V-Band Clamp Rings (Set of 2)

by NSL

V-band assemblies are the most versatile and reliable way to connect your exhaust components. With V-band assemblies, you achieve the flexibility to install and swap your exhaust parts easily while maintaining the sturdiness and leak-proofing of a welded exhaust.

These A105 mild steel V-band clamp rings (also known as pipe ends) are designed for welding to your pipes and clamping together with one of our V-band clamps.

These are numbered based on the inner diameter of the pipe. You should order our 3" V-band clamp to go with these.

Two rings are included, but the V-band clamp itself is sold separately.

These mild steel V-Band Clamp Rings come with a thin coating (shown in pictures) to give an excellent shine and prevent the mild steel from rusting. Although the coating is not aluminum, these work and weld perfectly with the aluminized steel common in exhaust systems.

V-Band Ring