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Pegasus Racing Products "Assassin" Cylinder Heads and Components

THE Pegasus "Assassin" are the highest flowing out of the box SBF and BBF cylinder heads available at this time.


ALL Pegasus “Assassin” cast heads are 100% Made in the USA from A356 T6 Aluminum

ALL Pegasus “Assassin” heads are 18 bolt design to provide the strongest clamping force possible.

All Pegasus "Assassin" heads are Nitrous friendly to a 400 shot. A Nitrous specific chamber is available also 


BBF Assassin features.

.850 deck thickness.

78cc chamber that can be milled to 50cc

Valve angle 10x2 / 3x4

4.6 Bore required

360 degree water cooled plug on castings

Push rod angle is 7* with stock lifter bore. With offset lifters, pushrod angle is 6.2*


SBF Assassin features

.850 deck thickness

68cc Chamber can be milled to 48cc

Valve angle 10x2 / 3x4

4.125 Bore required

360 degree water cooled plug on castings

Push rod angle is 7* with stock lifter bore, with offset lifters, pushrod angle is 2.6*

All Pegasus "Assassin" heads feature a Proprietary Shaft Rocker system

The 300m shaft rocker system is a proprietary design specifically for the Assassin heads and features built in spring oiler and pressurized rocker oiler. Shaft rocker system are made are on a ¾” shaft with graphite infused bushings. This gives more surface for the load on valve actuation which provides up to 400 runs between rebuilds.

Pistons are available from Ross, CP, Wiseco, Diamond pistons, Racetech. 

The sweet spot for a SBF build is 400-430 inch NA. A properly built SBF with Pegasus "Assassin" as cast heads can expect to make 1000 hp when CNC ported. The BBF can expect up to 1400 hp in NA form with CNC ports.

Valves available include Manley, Ferrera, However VICTORY valves are recommended with Victory retainer and TOP LOCK. Victory retainer and top lock provide exponentially stronger holding power over standard style locks.

Inconel exhaust valves are recommended for nitrous cars.

We can provide cam, push rods. COMP, Bullet, LSM, ACD camshaft is the preferred Cam design company (Shared ownership with Pegasus Racing Products)