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Marks 88 Big Tire T Bird "Revelations" - Fiberglass Body Tube Chassis SBF. Could be Nitrous, could be turbo. Just depends on how we feel for the weekend. 


Brad's 90 Fox Hatch "Black Brahma" Small tire stock suspension. Prep, No prep, Nitrous. 

 Michael Howard "Kill Switch" Small tire stock suspension, Nitrous, Radials

Bryan Parsons "Bandit" Small Tire stock suspension, Nitrous, Radials

Robert McLemore "Demonsteed" PDRA Outlaw 632 NC Speed Lab Sponsored

Jason / Shaky Jordan S10, Small Tire SBC, Nitrous, Radials

Cody Singleton "The Hustler" BBC S10 Mud Race, Nitrous, Big ass mud tires